Business Model

Cricket Protein Nutrient-rich eco material
Cricket Protein

Rich in animal protein

Crickets contain more protein than beef, chicken, and other foods that are generally known to be high in protein.
Crickets are an extremely high quality animal protein that is also low fat and nutritious.

Comparison of protein ratio
Comparison of protein ratio

Anticipated Effects

Ecologgie is developing cricket related products to improve the health of all living nature by continuously researching the nutrients
contained in them and also the unique production method.
We would like to prove and deliver our product through out the world that cricket is the solution to the pain of human beings
and every other lives in the earth.

Network Network with emerging countries

Decentralized production model
with cricket farmer network

Ecologgie's cricket production method is not a centralized factory production model, but a decentralized production model in which production is outsourced to many local farmers scattered in rural areas of emerging countries.
We educate them how to produce crickets efficiently and nutritiously, and the local farmers produce crickets based on our methods.
Ecologgie will buy all the crickets produced by the farmers(basically).
By building a network of many cricket farmers, we can flexibly expand production volume while keeping environmental costs lower than factory production models, and we can also diversify the risk of concentration of production bases in case of disasters.

Network with emerging countries

Improving the living standards of local farmers

Most of the local farmers in the emerging country (Kingdom of Cambodia in Southeast Asia)
where Ecologgie has outsourced cricket production are small-scale farmers running rice fields.
Harvesting opportunities (income earning opportunities) are limited to once or twice a year,
and they are exposed to disaster risks such as droughts and floods every year.

The crickets we produce are raised by farmers in their homes and take only 45 days to grow and harvest from eggs.
Ecologgie buys all the crickets they produce by cash, creating eight cash income opportunities a year for the farmers.
Therefore, for local farmers, cricket production is very welcomed as a "side business" that allows them
to earn stable cash income at home, while continuing their main occupation as a farmer.

The crickets we produce are raised by farmers in their homes and take only 45 days to grow and harvest from eggs.

Recycling Residue Reducing Food Loss

Crickets are omnivorous creatures and can feed on residues and wastes
from food and agriculture that would normally be thrown away, converting them into useful resources.
Ecologgie receives such unused resources from partner companies to realize environmentally friendly production.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in reducing or effectively using food loss in Southeast Asia.
We will conduct a feeding test with crickets at our company.

Examples of Residue Utilization

Waste from food/confectionery manufacturing plants

Waste from food/
confectionery manufacturing plants

Items that are out of product specifications due to browning or other defects.

Agricultural residues discarded by farmers

Agricultural residues
discarded by farmers

Cassava, rice bran, etc.

Brewery residue

Brewery residue

Brewing lees are high in protein and nutrition.