Ashikari Seiya
Represantitive Director
Ashikari Seiya
Ashikari Seiya

Ashikari currently belongs to Waseda University, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering. He established a joint research project on the utilization of crickets with Asahi Laboratory at Waseda University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Suzuki Laboratory, and engaged in research on the effects of external environment such as photoperiod on the growth of crickets. In 2017, Ashikari established Ecologgie Inc, based on his research and moved to Cambodia in 2019 to focus on the production management and developing mass production system.
He is the winner of the 2016 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award and selected in Forbes 30 Under 30 Japan in 2019.

Kensuke Ikeda
Kensuke Ikeda
Ikeda Kensuke

Ikeda graduated from the College of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University. During his studies, he studied terrorist organizations and conflicts in the Middle East. After graduation, he joined Fujitsu Research Institute, where he was engaged in ERP implementation consulting, open innovation promotion, and support for new business development through collaboration between large companies and venture businesses. From 2017, Ikeda started to support Ashikari as a side business and joined Ecologgie full time from 2020. He is based in Japan and oversees business operations in both Japan and Korea as well as collaboration with domestic sales partners and technical partners.

ko Honam
ko Honam
Ko Honam

Graduated Waseda University in Japan, B.A in Political Science and Economy Certified Public Account (License in Japan,1996) Certified Public Accountant (License in Washington US, 2001/suspended renewal in 2016)
1996-2001: Deloitte Touche and Thomatsu, one of Big4 global audit firm
2001-2008: Dream Incubator Inc., Management consulting and Venture capital business
2008: Founded JCGroup in Cambodia, mainly engaged in agricultural business
2020: Joined ECOLOGGIE Inc. as Chief Strategy Officer


Exploring Functionality


  • Waseda University
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology
  • Ochanomizu University