Well-Being for the Earth and Life Creating a sustainable ecosystem
where the earth and nature becomes healthy with our food.

Ecologgie strives to create a new food cycle (connection) through the cyclical use of living resources.This means transition from the traditional linear consumption and disposal of resources is inevitable. To acheive this goal, we need to make effective use of unused living resources instead of using finite resources.

"Crickets" which we are researching/developing is the answer to acheive this wholy new food cycle. With our Crickets, we will build warm and sustainable food production system, moreover healthy ecosystem for the earth and nature.

Alternative Protein Eco-friendly alternative protein resources
to solve protein crisis and environmental challenges

Protein, an important nutrient that supports the world's ever-growing population,
has been supplied mainly by livestock such as cattle and pigs, and aquaculture from the past.
However, modern livestock farming and aquaculture are accelerating the depletion of earth's resources and global warming.
Something needs to be changed to achieve a sustainable balance
between the health of human beings/animals and the health of the global environment.

Global Population Growth, Larger Consumption of Protein

Our focus on insects, especially crickets, is an overwhelmingly earth-friendly alternative,
compared to conventional livestock farming, and can provide abundant protein and nutrients necessary for life.
We will create an ecosystem in which the health of the earth and nature can be sustained with crickets,
an ecological alternative protein source.

Environmental Load of Cricket compared to Beef

*1:Production cost of cricket compared to that of beef
*2:Per unit weight